Judging Criteria

Judging Process


BBB is a two-tiered tournament, in which selected mentors judge the first round, and invited business professionals judge the final round. A guest from the partnering venture will also join the judging panel in the final round. Mentors will not judge their mentee teams to ensure fairness.

Please note that, depending on the invited judges' preferences for the final round, the below-judging criteria may be used only as a guideline. In the final round, judges will discuss to determine the ranking after all presentations are over.


What is Judged? 


A PowerPoint ​presentation in English (up to 10 minutes) followed by a brief Q&A session will be judged. No written reports are required. There are no requirements on format, number of slides, and other specifics regarding the presentation (except for the time limit as mentioned above). For compatibility purposes, it is strongly recommended that participants use PC (not Mac), when compiling the final presentation. We also recommend submitting a  .pdf file over other formats. Wharton Korea will not be held responsible for any formatting errors or technical difficulties arising from different file types.


Judging Criteria  


Judging criteria break down into five different categories: delivery, structure, evidence, creativity, and Q&A.

1. Delivery

2. Structure

3. Evidence

4. Creativity

5. Q&A

The delivery and structure categories measure the overall presentation performance of a team. We look for effective delivery, clear structure, and the use of formal language. While every member does not need to present, the presentation must show all team members engaged in the presentation and the speakers confidently connecting with the audience.


The evidence and creativity categories measure the level of critical thinking of a team. We look for a business solution that is fact-based, thoroughly researched, logically coherent, and implementable yet creative. Because the case differs from year to year, specific criteria in the sections will also vary on the yearly basis. Some potential criteria may include (but are not limited to) profitability, feasibility, and uniqueness.


The Q&A category evaluates a team’s overall professional attitude during and after the presentation. It is crucial for the team to be prepared to answer any questions and defend their ideas during the Q&A portion of the presentation.


In addition to the above judging criteria, outside factors may affect the team's holistic evaluation. Punctuality matters throughout the competition. Timeliness is a sign of respect for everyone involved in BBB, including judges, mentors, and other participants. Each mentor will keep track of his/her team's overall timeliness, and it may reflect on the evaluation accordingly. Professionalism and attitude may be used as criteria in a tiebreaker.

Disclaimer: We constantly review our judging criteria. Our judging criteria are subject to change without notice.​