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Our Team | BBB 2022 Planning Committee

Seungmin Suh

Head Director

Seungmin is a rising junior at the Wharton School majoring in Business Analytics and minoring in Design. At Wharton KUBS, she...

Jeewoo Lee


Jeewoo is a Sophomore at the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Cognitive Science on Computation and Cognition. She is...

Annabeth Choi


Annabeth is a Sophomore in the College studying Economics. She was a part of the BBB freshman staff in 2020. She worked at...

Yelim Kim


Yelim is a rising sophomore at the School of Arts and Science, studying Cognitive Science concentrating on Consumer Behavior. She is ...

Janice Yoon


Janice is a freshman in the College majoring in history with an interest in comparative literature. She helped out with ...

Sebin Lee


Sebin is a rising junior at the School of Engineering, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mechanical Engineering. Previously, she was...

Hyeonseok Cho


Hyeonseok is a freshman at the Jerome Fisher Program in M&T program, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Operations. He is...

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